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Embrace #EverythingShower Trend with HMP BT

Embrace #EverythingShower Trend with HMP BT

The #EverythingShower trend is taking the world by storm, transforming the mundane daily routine into a luxurious, rejuvenating ritual. It's all about indulgence, self-care, and making the most out of your shower time by incorporating various beauty and skincare treatments into one session. The hemp-based HMP BT line is your ticket to jump on this trend, offering a collection of eco-friendly, high-quality products that cater to your hair, face, and body needs—all under the warm cascade of your shower.

Step-by-Step Guide to Your Luxurious #EverythingShower

Getting an #EverythingShower at home is easier than you think. Here's a simple guide to help you create your own spa-like experience using HMP BT products:

Step 1: Prep

Begin your session with HMP BT's Restorative Botanical Hand & Bodywash. This luxurious formula is perfect to cleanse and moisturize your hands and body, setting the stage for your #EverythingShower.

Step 2: Facial Detox

Next, apply HMP BT's Restorative Deep Cleansing Botanical Clay Masque evenly all over your face. This clay-based masque works to detoxify and restore your skin, combatting the harsh effects of environmental pollutants.

Step 3: Hair Cleansing

While the masque works its magic, it's time for a hair transformation. Wet your hair and swipe HMP BT's Deep Cleansing Shampoo Bar a few times through your strands. Massage into your scalp until a gentle lather forms. The shampoo bar not only cleanses your hair but also nourishes it with restorative Hemp Seed Oil and extra virgin coconut oil.

Step 4: Rinse and Reveal

Once you've finished with your shampooing, it's time to rinse off the Botanical Clay Masque. You'll instantly notice your radiant, moisturized skin and freshly cleansed, revitalized hair.


Step 5: Final Touch

To seal in the moisture post-shower, generously apply HMP BT's Restorative Botanical Body Crème to your body and dry areas. This indulgent crème, packed with opulent botanicals and Hemp Seed Oil, will leave your skin feeling smooth, fresh, and radiantly youthful.

The #EverythingShower trend is more than a beauty fad—it's a lifestyle, a way to treat yourself to a moment of pure bliss in your daily routine. With HMP BT's collection of hemp-infused products, you're not only embracing this trend but also taking a sustainable step towards luxury self-care.

Shop HMP BT online at hmpbt.com or at all Oscar Oscar Salons.

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