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Is Your Skin Summer Ready?

Is Your Skin Summer Ready?

Embrace the power of hemp, and let your skin radiate with natural beauty this summer. Trust in HMP BT, for the care your skin deserves.

Prepare for Summer with HMP BT's Luxurious Hemp-Infused Skin Care Range

Summer is on the horizon, and your skin requires a change in care routine to embrace the warmer weather gracefully. HMP BT's collection of hemp-infused products is your definitive partner in this seasonal transition, promising to restore, hydrate, and protect your skin from the harsh winter remnants.

Hemp, a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins, and omegas, is known for its skin rejuvenation properties. These remarkable qualities are meticulously harnessed in the HMP BT range to offer you an exclusive self-care experience, transforming your skin to a state of refreshing radiance.

HMP BT: Your Summer Skin Care Ally

As we say goodbye to winter, our skincare needs adjustment. The colder months often leave a dry, dull impact on your skin. HMP BT's hemp-infused products offer a comprehensive solution to combat these effects, allowing your skin to regain its vitality, ready for the sunny days ahead.

The HMP BT Advantage: Embrace Natural Radiance

At HMP BT, we are advocates of nature's power. We have particularly explored the immense benefits of hemp for skin health to create products that promote well-being. Our customers swear by the visible differences they experience - from the luxurious feel to the noticeable results – it's no wonder they are always eager for more!

Begin Your Summer Skin Care Journey with HMP BT

With HMP BT's hemp-infused products, your skin will be poised to embrace summer with a vibrant glow. Allow us to guide you on a journey to radiant skin, starting today.

Explore HMP BT's Elite Hemp-Infused Collection:

Restorative Hand Balm: Perfect for hands that need that extra care, our hand balm deeply hydrates and restores skin health.

Restorative Botanical Hand & Body Wash: A gentle, hydrating cleanser that leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth, and revitalized.

Restorative Botanical Body Crème: Our body crème absorbs quickly to moisturize, soothe and protect your skin.

Deep Cleansing Clay Masque: Our clay masque, infused with hemp, detoxifies your skin for a clearer, smoother complexion.

Deep Cleansing Shampoo Bar: Our shampoo bar revitalizes your hair, balancing scalp oils, and strengthening hair strands.

Bespoke Bath & Body Gift Pack: A premium selection of our best-selling products for a complete self-care experience.

HMP BT's luxurious range promises not just immediate results, but also lasting improvements for your skin and hair health. Our products can be conveniently purchased from our salon partners at Oscar Oscar Salons or our online store at

This summer, treat your skin with HMP BT's hemp-infused products. Let your natural beauty shine through, as you trust HMP BT for the exceptional care your skin deserves.


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