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What you NEED to know about skincare!

What you NEED to know about skincare!

I get it. It's hard enough with the misinformation out there these days, but more importantly - what if something was really harmful to your skin? Or maybe old wives' tales are making their way into trendy trends; however that doesn’t mean they're actually good! This article will help set some things straight (including those pesky myths) so take a read below:  

There are so many different claims being made about what’s good for your skin, it can be hard to know who's telling the truth. That is why we decided to look into some of these popular myths and see if they hold up under scrutiny!

MYTH 1# Oily Skin Does Need Moisturising 

If you have oily skin, then it’s important to moisturise regularly and properly. The natural oils on our face and body are removed after each wash which leaves us vulnerable without enough protection from dryness or bacteria growth in these areas – which pretty much is our entire body! By applying HMP BT. daily we can keep those cells hydrated so they don't break down too quickly leading towards wrinkles quicker than ever before.

The most important thing to do for your skin replaces the moisture that's been lost. Make sure you apply moisturiser twice daily and don't forget about oil! The oil fights other oils, so use an organic product if possible or one containing ingredients such as Hemp Seed Oil - it will keep skin healthy on top of making YOU feel great in every way imaginable (and then some)! Hemp Botanicals is the perfect solution for every skin type, with variants that are tailored to your needs. You'll get 48 hours of moisture and glow from their natural moisturizers!

MYTH 2# Drinking water is all you need for great skin

Whether you know it or not, drinking more water is not the only step in maintaining healthy skin. It's essential that we use products with suitable ingredients for our unique needs and also wear sunscreen to protect us from harsh UV rays which can damage both our outsides as well as inside out! With all the good advice out there on how to improve your skin, you may be wondering what more could possibly need mentioning. But adding fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A & C as well healthy fats can do wonders for improving not only complexion but also general health!

Hemp Botanicals offers a range of natural skin care products for your every need. HMP BT. stands for confidence and celebrating the beauty in all our diverse backgrounds with ingredients that work well on both dryness or dullness, making them ideal to give you back your self-esteem!

The hemp plant has been used as medicine since ancient times because it contains minerals including potassium which is good at combating fatigue while also providing other vitamins like vitamin C - perfect if we're talking about glow up time ;)

MYTH 3# Hot water to cleanse pores

We all know how it feels to have clogged pores and blackheads, but did you also realize that using scalding hot water will only make them worse? It’s best for your skin not use scorching temperature when showering or bathing because by doing so we risk dehydrating the oils in our bodies as well any existing sensitivity. Instead opt out of taking a hot bath and opt in to lukewarm.

The best advice we can offer is to always keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. The HMP BT.  range has a variant for every type of skin need, from those with dryer complexions or sensitive skins all the way through acne-prone chests!

You'll find that natural oils are not only good at making you glow but they also have ingredients which will help heal any problems on contact so give them ago today before it's too late :)

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